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About Kori

Artist Profile

Kori Phillips Foy, partner of Kass Original Art, is an Albany-based self-taught artist. Kori’s grandmother draws and her mother paints, so art runs in the family.  Constantly experimenting with different mediums, styles, and ideas brings joy to her buyers and provides a journey of self-discovery and understanding.  Art has become a part of who she is. From abstracts to silhouettes and surprising color combinations, Kori loves dabbling in it all. You will find lots of variety here! When she’s not painting, she’s working in the marketing field and spending time with her family, friends and her loving dogs, Henley and Delilah.  You can follow along her art journey on her personal Instagram @kori_phillips@foy, the Kass Original Art Instagram @kass_original_art.  Thank you for your great taste in art!

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Cassie Dupre'

Artist Profile

Cassie Dupre’, partner of Kass Original Art, is a self-taught artist from Leesburg, GA.  She is a wife and mother, and when she is not painting, she enjoys running, going to a nice dinner and spending time with her family & friends. Cassie’s love for art started in 2018 as she felt inspired to take on a new hobby that turned into something she didn’t expect to become more of a dream. She has worked with acrylic, texture and mixed media but has a passion for watercolor art. For Cassie, the gold mark in her collection represents something to which you can hold on. Original artwork is timeless and has a great story to tell. Cassie's biggest inspiration is knowing that collectors and designers have a piece of her journey to hold onto. Some of her pieces can be found on her own Instagram @sassycassiedupre, or on the Kass Orignal Art Instagram @kass_original_art.

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